Bringing Hope to Gaza  
                                                          changing lives one at a time


The Elderly of Gaza

Khalil is visiting the elderly in Gaza to see how we might make their lives more comfortable. The elderly have special "personal" needs (adult diapers, special food, medicine and clean water) We hope to expand our program and provide as much aid as possible... so far we have a list of 30, some live with family, others live alone... Please help by donating if you are able.
Back to School

It's Back to School Time in Gaza!!!

Many families can't afford the supplies children need for going back to school. A $20 donation will ensure they do so with school packs, notebooks, pencils, etc.. Education is the most important thing for these children. It's their only way out of a dire situation.

Let's send them back to school with the proper supplies.


Having been forced from the lands and homes they own, over 1.3 million Palestinians live as refugees in their won country. Our organization has not yet reached the point where we are able to afford proper housing for those living in bombed out buildings or "make shift" tents. we can, however, provide shelter from the cold winter rains by purchasing rain proof tarps which fortify leaking roofs and weather proof tents constructed of stray lumber and blankets.

a $50 donation can provide the materials for one home depending on the size. 


Imagine if the only thing you could find to feed your family tonight were chicken feet cast away by the local butcher.... we doubt you can even conceive such a level of poverty. Yet this is all some of the children in Gaza will eat tonight and they will feel blessed to have anything to put in their stomachs. A $30 donation will provide enough nutritious food in the form of fresh vegetables, fruit and staples, to feed an entire family for two weeks.

Trauma counseling

Over 300,000 children living in Gaza have seen nothing but war, destruction, devastation and death. These children have witnesses horrific events in their young lives and are in desperate need of counseling to help process what they have seen with their own eyes. 

UNRWA:  “As counselors, we have noticed serious behavioral changes in children, such as aggression, anger, nervousness and restlessness. Children cannot sleep or fall asleep only to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, clinging to their parents.” 

Your donations allow us to buy "therapeutic" support in the form of toys, games and books.

Aid the disabled

The 3 wars waged on Gaza since 2008 against a civilian population have left thousands of children with permanent disabilities. Loss of limbs, eyes, white phosphorus burns and sever brain damage have had a devastating effect on their lives. We don't have the donation base to build a much needed rehabilitation facility, but with your donations we can help by providing crutches, wheelchairs, therapeutic equipment and artificial limbs. As you can imagine, these items are quite costly. If you would like to make a special donation to further this cause, please include the word "disabled" in your PayPal message. 


Most of the children living in the camps of Gaza have one maybe 2 sets of clothing. Most have no shoes, no socks, no gloves and no jackets to keep them warm and dry in the cold winter rains. A $10 donation buys a weather proof hooded jacket. a $10 donation buys a pair of much needed shoes. $1 buys a pair of socks. $2 buys a pair of gloves

How much did you spend on a cup of specialty coffee today??? 

How much was that lunch you had??? 

How much was that soda??? 

Make a pledge with yourself to skip that lunch or that coffee one day a week....

Make a pledge to make this world a little bit better...

It takes so little to do so much. your heart will thank you for that small sacrifice.

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