Bringing Hope to Gaza  
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Back to School

It's Back to School Time in Gaza!!!

Many families can't afford the supplies children need for going back to school. A $20 donation will ensure they do so with school packs, notebooks, pencils, etc.. Education is the most important thing for these children. It's their only way out of a dire situation.

Let's send them back to school with the proper supplies.

Dry in the Rain Campaign

This campaign is ongoing. 

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been forced from the lands they own to make room for illegal settlements. Homes have been demolished and families displaced. The only choice is to live in bombed out buildings or make-shift shelters. This campaign raises funds to provide rain barriers each costing $50 depending on the size of the "home". with 800,000 refugees currently "residing" in Gaza, we can only scratch the surface. We can only help with your generous donations. Please include the word "Rain" in your PayPal donation comment.

Feed a Family Campaign

This campaign is ongoing.

Try to imagine feeding your children a dinner of boiled chicken feet, yes; BOILED CHICKEN FEET!!!!

You can't... can you??? 

It's unthinkable, unimaginable and unconscionable... yet easy enough to solve. 

For a donation of only $30 we are able to purchase nutritious fruit, vegetables and staples enough to feed a family for two weeks. 

Clothes for Kids

This campaign is ongoing.

Have you ever been wet and cold to the core? It's the most miserable feeling, but you put on some dry clothes, warm up by the fire, have a hot bowl of hot soup and everything is better.... This is not an option for hundreds of thousands of children in Gaza. They suffer this daily in winter with no relief. A $10 donation buys a rain proof hooded jacket to keep their little bodies warm even in their "homes" due to lack of fuel for fires and only receiving 3-4 hours of electricity each day, if they are lucky enough to have electrical service at all. Most don't.

Aid the Disabled 2017

This will be an ongoing campaign beginning this year.

As documented by UNICEF, HRW and UNRWA;  Since the bombing of Gaza in 2008 the number of children (and adults) with permanent disabilities numbers in the tens of thousands through loss of limbs, eyes and suffering irreversible brain damage. The illegal use of white phosphorus has poisoned water, soil and air causing an exponential rise in Childhood Cancer and Lymphoma, with over 1000 new cases diagnosed each year. Many cases aren't diagnosed due to lack of proper medical facilities or the inability to pay. Many who are diagnosed are refused permission to enter the hospital in Jerusalem to receive the necessary treatments and die.

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