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Ramadan 2017

During the Holy Month of Ramadan our organization delivered food parcels to 350 families with an average of 8 per household. Thanks to donors we also provided bottled water and dried dates to more than 1000 men women and children to break the day's fast.

Projects like these can only be made possible by the the generosity of those who donate to our cause and the hard work of Khalil and a small but dedicated staff of volunteers.

Please support our ongoing "Hunger Drive". $22 provides a family for 2 weeks with nutritious food... you may do so using the Paypal link on our home page.

Aid for the Elderly in Gaza

The needs of the elderly in Gaza are many,
#BHTG just purchased special items to aid in personal hygiene and make their lives a bit more comfortable. Thank you to donors who make this possible. This will be an ongoing effort... your help in this program is greatly appreciated...

Khalil is unloading a van filled with "special" needs personal hygiene supplies which we will distribute to the elderly of Gaza. 

Miracles do Happen

We sent an urgent plea to raise funds for the repair of 3 Dialysis machines at the Hospital in Rafah. The clinic sees 30+ patients suffering from kidney disease daily, and with 8 of the machines down it was impossible to provide life saving therapy to all.

Through the generosity of one donor we received the funds to repair, at minimum, 3 of the machines. This will save lives. We could not be more grateful for such generosity and humanity.

Another 50 Families Fed


Thanks to donations we were able to provide another 50 families with enough nutritious food to last for two weeks. Hunger is an ongoing problem worldwide, we are trying to alleviate some of that in besieged Gaza. But, we can't do this without your support.

PLEASE donate if you are able. $22 feeds an entire family for 2 weeks.

50 More Families Provided with Nutritious Food

2-27-17 Hunger Drive

Today we were able to purchase staples to feed 50 more families, that is approximately 400 men, women and children who won't go hungry in the camps tonight. Each parcel lasts a family 2 weeks and only costs $22... Won't you please help us provide food for those who have none? you can do so by making a donation through our safe and secure PayPal account

To The Seashore...

Through a special donation, today
#BHTG took 65 children to the seashore for a day trip, though the weather wasn't perfect, kids always know how to have fun. many of these kids had never been... The smiles on their faces, the joy in their hearts and the echoes of their laughter will never leave us. Thank you Khalil for organizing this outing. Thank you to the volunteers for making this day so very special for the children and THANK YOU donors for making this possible... <3

February 9, 2017

Today we were able to feed 900+ refugees in Gaza thanks to a very generous donation intended specifically for that purpose. Khalil shopped, packaged and delivered nutritious food for 100 families (73 of which had 10 members). the parcels included: 1 kilo of Halal beef, cabbage, cauliflower, onions and tomatoes. each parcel should last a family for two weeks. 

Hunger in Gaza is ongoing, therefore our drive for donations is ongoing.... you must remember, the food we provide lasts only two weeks... we need continued support from you in order to keep families fed. Your donations have a double impact: not only are you feeding the children in the camps, you are also providing for farmers who grow the food since we make ALL our purchase in Gaza.


Accomplishments in less than 3 months: 

December 7 - January 31, 2017 

~ 1. 2 weeks worth of nutritious food for 100 families (600-800) individuals, considering most families include "extended" members
~ 2. 200 pairs of gloves for orphans
~ 3. 50 warm winter coats for children
~ 4. 70 pairs of shoes & socks for orphans
~ 5. blankets to keep 150 children warm at night
~ 6. 50 warm "hoodies" for orphans
~ 7. diapers, food, clothes etc. for a little boy with Cerebral Palsy
~ 8. 65 children from the camps on an outing to the seashore
~ 9. necessities for Omar and his family each month (Omar lost his right arm to Ewing's sarcoma, the family is in dire straits)
~ 10. rain proofing of 3 homes (more to come this week)

THANK YOU DONORS who made all this possible... 

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