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Introducing the founder of BHTG: Khalil Ibrahim Qeshta

Kites not Bomber Jets Fly Over Gaza

2017- the first week of July, thanks to donations received, we took 50 children to the seashore of Gaza for a day of fun in the sun. We provided Logo hats, t-shirts, breakfast, lunch and a day away from the stress and fear of daily life in occupied and besieged Gaza. A trip like this including transportation only cost $11 per child. Please donate to our children to make summer a little less painful, if only for a day... additional photos on the Photo Gallery tab. 

Ramadan Mubarak in Gaza 2017

Ramadan 2017

During the month of Ramadan, BHTG distributed food parcels to 350 families averaging 8 men women & children per family. We were also able to give out dried dates and bottled water to 2000 passers by. 

None of this would be possible without the generous support of those who donated to our cause. We make it easy for you to help us help them. Please go to or click on the link provided further down the page. Every dollar makes a difference.

 Where Your Donations Go...

With 100% of your donations we provide assistance to the needy of Gaza in the form of clothing, food, medicine and HOPE, all these things are in short supply in a snip of land which is "home" to approximately 1.3M refugees with over 880,000 depending on aid... over 15,000 are orphans
We need your help!!!

Khalil Ibrahim,

our Founder, attends University full time studying Pharmacy. After his studies and in his spare time, he visits the refugee camps and the orphanages to deliver much needed clothes, food, medicine and smiles... thereby Bringing Hope to Gaza.

Pre-Schooler Fun


We brought snacks, toys and joy to 100 children who attend Kindergarten in Gaza. Khalil knows and loves children so much and just how to brighten their day. Thanks to your generosity we were able to give them a day of nothing but fun and games. We love these children, they are happy with the simplest things...

The Elderly of Gaza

Khalil is visiting the elderly in Gaza to see how we might make their lives more comfortable. The elderly have special "personal" needs (adult diapers, special food, medicine and clean water) We hope to expand our program and provide as much aid as possible... so far we have a list of 30, some live with family, others live alone... Please help by donating if you are able.
Gaza Seashore Outing

Through a special donation, today #BHTG took 65 children to the seashore for a day trip, though the weather wasn't perfect, kids always know how to have fun. many of these kids had never been... The smiles on their faces, the joy in their hearts and the echoes of their laughter will never leave us. THANK YOU donors for making this possible.
Dry in the Rain Campaign

Most make shift shelters and bombed out "homes" have leaking tin roofs. Today, thanks to donors and the tireless efforts of Khalil, 3 homes are now covered to keep out the cold winter rains. 
We can't do this without your support.
Each roof cover costs $50, please help us help the refugees in Gaza. 

Back to School

It's Back to School Time in Gaza!!!
Many families can't afford the supplies children need for going back to school. A $20 donation will ensure they do so with school packs, notebooks, pencils, etc.. Education is the most important thing for these children. It's their only way out of a dire situation. 
Let's send them back to school with the proper supplies.

Your Donations Have a Double Impact on Lives in Gaza!!!

100% of your donations go directly to aid refugees and children in Gaza. Not only do your donations, provide food, clothing, medicine etc. to those in need, but since we make all our purchases in Gaza, you also put food on the tables of local farmers and the families of small business owners in Gaza who struggle to make ends meet. So you see,your donations have a double impact on lives in Gaza. 

One Donation:Twice the Impact


this is the story of Omar a sweet and loving child in Gaza. Omar has Ewing's Sarcoma of the left humerus. The cancer spread and could not be contained necessitating the amputation of his left arm. in spite of this, Omar is always smiling.

His family is in a desperate situation and needs $100/monthly to provide for Omar and themselves. this is an IMMEDIATE need. we are looking into the cost of a prosthetic arm which we hope to provide the funds for in the near future.

please help us help this brave young boy....

Omar continued....

Thanks to the generosity of donors who gave money in support of Omar , Khalil visited him today to bring much needed school supplies. A school pack with wheels was the solution since Omar's shoulders won't support a regular backpack.
Khalil will visit the family 2 times per month to assess and deliver their needs. (food, clothing, medicine, supplies, etc)

Food for 50 More Families

Even though he was sick, Khalil, found the strength to deliver food to 50 families in the camps today. to him, the needs of others come first. his devotion to the people of Gaza is humbling. thank you donors for making the purchase of nutritious food possible. and thank you Khalil, for all that you selflessly do for Gaza. 


Hunger is an ongoing problem in besieged Gaza. With over 880,000 Palestinians depending on aid, it is difficult to ease all the suffering, but because of you, we are able to feed 50 more families with nutritious food: beans, rice, flour for bread, tea, sugar, canned foods and of course, a little sweet treat for the children. The blockade imposed in 2007 makes it more than difficult for large scale aid to enter Gaza. it is up to grass roots organizations such as ours to make up the difference.

Coats for Kids!!!

Thank you donors!!! 

Because of your generosity, we were able to purchase 50 warm and waterproof jackets for the children living in the camps of Gaza. The sad part being, they must also wear them inside since there is limited wood for fires and electricity comes for only 3 - 4 hours a day and sometimes no electricity at all for days at a time.

Hoodies, hoodies and more hoodies!!!

Bringing smiles and Hope to these beautiful children at the orphanages brings us as much joy as it brings them. These little angels are sporting the "hoodies" we were able to purchase with your donations... 

Blankets for Babies

Most people have an idea that it doesn't get cold in Gaza... but it does, wet and cold. With your donations Khalil was able to buy enough blankets to keep 150 children warm at night. Here he is with his "notebook of needs" delivering blankets to one of the many refugee camps in Gaza. 


distributing 200 pairs of much needed winter gloves to children at one of only five orphanages in Gaza. With over 15,000 children orphaned since 2008, we can barely scratch the surface. Some of the 15,000+ are fortunate enough to live with extended families and caring neighbors, yet the majority depend on the kindness of those who wish to make their lives better. Those like you.

a juice box..

that's all it took to bring these smiles.
not an iPhone, not an Xbox, not a remote control "anything"...
just a juice box.

they are so grateful for the smallest kindness shown them.
we love these children so much...

Oshkosh B'gosh!!!!

Thank you donors!!!... you provided the funds for us to purchase 70 pairs of shoes, 70 pairs of socks and 70 little bags of chocolates... a rare treat for these sweet little children. 

Khalil is so thoughtful, he bought velcro tabbed shoes so the little ones wouldn't have to struggle with laces. 

Winters are more than difficult in Gaza

Lack of proper food, heat, shelter and electricity make for a life threatening situation, especially for the children. 

On Jan 7, thanks to donors, we were able to purchase 

50 Parcels of fresh fruit and vegetables to distribute in the refugee camps of Gaza. Each parcel contained enough nutritious food to feed an entire family for 2 weeks. 

The situation in Gaza is dire...

Now, more than ever, occupied Palestine faces an uncertain future. It is up to those of us who care about the world we live in to lend a hand to aid the hundreds of thousands living in extreme poverty unable to provide even the most basic needs for their families. Illegal settlements, home demolition and imposed blockade have forced nearly one-third of the registered Palestinian refugees, more than 1.5 million individuals, to live in 58 recognized Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. 

It is our duty as human beings to help our fellow man.  We are doing exactly that by Bringing Hope to Gaza. 

If there was ever a time for "True" humanity.... this is the time. 

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We are a "grass roots" organization, founded by Khalil Ibrahim Qeshta and Heidi Schwab, with one goal: to bring Hope and ease the suffering of orphans, children and refugees in besieged Gaza. 

Besieged Gaza is "home" to nearly 2,000,000 Palestinians living within 365 sq. km, 47% of which are refugees having been forced from their lands and homes. Consequently the unemployment rate among adults is also 47%. Palestinians in Gaza have been under severe restrictions of "movement" since 1990 and under a full blockade since 2007 which allows very little aid to reach the people who need it most. At last count there are 15,223 orphans in Gaza due to the last 3 wars waged against a defenseless civilian population. It is our mission to help these children and families in need. We can't do this without the support of caring individuals like you. 

Every single dollar donated goes to those who need it most, the orphans and families with children living as refugees in their own country. 

We can't help everyone but we can help SOMEONE


Khalil Ibrahim - Founder

Heidi Schwab - Director

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